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Your Click-A-dex MUSIC PLAYER will be updated immediately, as you make changes and additions. You are in complete control of your changes. Once the application is placed on your server, your own database is created and then populated with your current information. From then on, you have a definitive source for the music and information your users need, right at their finger tips.

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Some of these entries are fictitious, but will demonstrate
some of the features and capabilities of Click-A-dex
and how you and your organization might benefit from
using your own directory online.


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A complete online MUSIC PLAYER database.

MEMEXVannevar Bush first wrote of the device he called the memex early in the 1930s.

  • Locate a song by its title, performer, or  its lyrics.
  • Play the song embedded in a browser with multimedia controls
  • Allow lyrics to be read while music plays
  • Provide links to other information about the song or the performer
  • Enable uploads of songs and their entry into the database online
  • Measure the popularity of each song
  •   Other features as required or requested


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