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Ms. Jane Lane

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"Web publishing is no more about HTML than book publishing is about type fonts."

[ 2eZweb.com ]
The way " too easy " web site application.

[ Google.com ]
The best search engine on the web. Remember to check out some of its advanced options too.

[ Ms. Edna Krabapple ]
What's a little 2nd hand smoke compared to some 1st hand school bus diesel fumes?

[ Samples of Homework Webpages ]
Judge for yourself what effective Assignment Pages should be.

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If an error occurs when you try to Update the LINK simply use your back button and fix the offending entry before resubmitting

Yet, too few schools have symbols that will evoke the spirit of education in the future for students, staff, and parents.

[ ThreeClicks.com ]
The way to get to where you want to go today.

[ What do you want to be when you grow up? ]
Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Information

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