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Ms. Edna Krabapple

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I get to teach unmotivated kids. I get to work day, night, and weekends on lesson plans. I might get laid off even after voters approved $500 million in additional taxes for the schools because the administrators squander it all on their own huge salaries and gold plated retirement packages. But I still love being a teacher.
To add to our already heavy workload, Mr. Skinner, our beloved principal, has decided that ALL teachers will be required to maintain web sites. So to make it as easy as possible, I have chosen 2eZweb.com to help me become a webmaster.

As the applications for building a Web site become more complex, it is easy to forget that the most important part of any Web site is the content it contains and how well that content speaks to its audience. A webmaster should realize that a site is not hers, but rather that it belongs to the site’s visitors. Content management, site organization, and graphic presentaion are all key components to Web development.

Quality work in each area helps ensure that your site is a usable as well as a useful tool for the visitors of the site. 2eZweb © provides the site organization, and selectable options for the graphic presentation. This allows the webmaster to concentrate his or her efforts on the site’s most important element, its content. That's right you DreamWeaver zealots, visitors come to a web site for useful information. Not to see paw prints dance across a page.
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Sarasota Schools

What's a little 2nd hand 
smoke compared to some 
1st hand school bus 
diesel fumes?
Springfield Elementary School
1234 Hatton Street
Sarasota, FL 34231
phone 927-1234
fax (941) 927-0000

After School Day Care
phone 927-4321

Edna Krabappel
Site Updated 10/13/2007
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