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Announcements Ü (03/01/03) Parents are encouraged to visit this web site regularly for the latest announcements and up to date information about our class. *** We are using our new 2eZweb© web site. It’s now almost "too easy" to update the information on our Class Web site! ***
The Simpson family attends Cirque du Puree, a snooty French circus. During the show, a massive snow storm strikes Springfield, blanketing the entire town under piles of snow. The next morning, Bart and Lisa are horrified to learn that Springfield Elementary is still in session. The students and a cheery Principal Skinner find that they have been snowed in. Bart and the rest manage to make their unbearable situation a little more livable by capturing Skinner and taking over the school. As de facto leader, Bart runs the school with an iron fist.
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Schools in Sarasota will NOT be closed tomorrow because of snow. Ü ******************************************************************* Click for Sarasota, Florida Forecast

What's a little 2nd hand 
smoke compared to some 
1st hand school bus 
diesel fumes?
Springfield Elementary School
1234 Hatton Street
Sarasota, FL 34231
phone 927-1234
fax (941) 927-0000

After School Day Care
phone 927-4321

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