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Blog details     7/23/2012  

  DECEMBER 2017  

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THE DENVER SHOOTER (JAMES EAGAN HOLMES)  by Editor 7/23/2012 at 08:42
This Examiner has researched the question of what could have caused the Denver Shooter and others like him to "snap." First it must be made clear that this Examiner does not condone what was done nor is this article written to excuse the executioner. It is however, being written to shed some light on a sensitive subject through age-old wisdom. After all, these types of incidents that will not stop by the way, until understanding is applied in our society and the world at large. Note other incidents: The Virginia Tech student, The Female Nursing Student at the University of Arizona School of Nursing, Ted Kasinzky (the Unabomber), the Vietnam Vet shooting people from a tower in Texas, the Columbine teens, the Twin Towers, etc. This list is so long, that there isnít enough room to include all of the perpetrators of terror in this article. However, it is expected that the reader understands the gist of what this examiner is trying to relay to them.

The truth of the matter is, no one is borne killing others. No one comes out of their mothersí womb shooting at people. So what does happen? The answer is quite simple. It is so simple that most people cannot fathom it. It has been this Examiners experience that people tend to complicate the simple. In doing so (colloquially speaking), they always miss the forest for the trees. For the answer, we need only turn to the Bible and understand a simple but wise admonition by the Apostle Paul on properly raising your children, which can also be used in society as a whole. This honest wisdom comes from the book of Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 4, "...parents provoke not your children to wrath." By making this statement the Apostle Paul obviously understood that people could be provoked to do awful things to each other. When will we learn to punish those who provoke others along with punishing the provoked? Like in grammar school, when the teachers would punish both the child who stared the fight as well as the child who hit back. Or perhaps even better, it would be best to educate our population on the importance of "loving thy neighbor a s thyself."

If we do not want to be provoked, then we should make every effort not to provoke others. After all, we are only human. And humans, through our mammalian nature, have limits to provocation. Now, not everyone acts out in this manner, however, we never know who will. Therefore, remember the "Golden Rule." Do not provoke your bother to wrath.

Throughout the worldís history starting with Cain and Able, people have be provoking their brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, cousins, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, neighbors, friends, employees, students, co-workers, subordinates, teachers, citizens, etc. to wrath. We have to learn to have some "stopping sense" with the bullying and alienating behavior with which we have been prone to ever since we first stepped into the sandbox with other kids in kindergarten. People have limits. Learn that and we will all be the better and safer for it. Donít be a bully! Donít be a button pusher. Be humane to one another by celebrating each persons right to be in this world just as much as you do. The proof of that is that we are all here together. No one is any better than anyone else. Learn this simple lesson and "world peace" will soon abound.

The Denver Shooter (James Eagan Holmes) What could have caused his wrath?
Arrested: JULY 22, 2012

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